Frequently Asked Questions​

That depends. Not all patients are appropriate for every kind of therapy. Dr. Hovav is trained in psychodynamic psychotherapy but for some patients, other forms of therapy (CBT, DBT, supportive, etc) would be more appropriate. This can be discussed at the first session.

Dr. Hovav is a physician who graduated Medical School with Honors, completed an Internal Medicine internship, went on to complete a three-year Postdoctoral Fellowship in Brain Stimulation and Neuroimaging in Mental Illness, completed a Psychiatry residency, and has Diplomate status from the American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology. She has the honor of being a Fellow of the American Psychiatric Association and has an active license to practice medicine in Iowa, Nebraska, Nevada, California, Kansas, and Florida.

That is very dependent on the severity of your condition. Most patients require more frequent visits as medications are started, and the frequency is reduced as they are optimized and the clinical condition improves.

The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (“HIPAA”) provides federal protection of patient health information. HIPAA permits the use and disclosure of Protected Health Information (“PHI”) for treatment, payment, and healthcare operations (“TPO”). Treatment encompasses the care doctors provide patients (including the rest of the healthcare team such as your primary healthcare clinician). Payment includes billing and collection activities. Healthcare operations include all of our business activities, including teaching and training healthcare professionals. Exceptions are suspected child abuse or dependent adult/elder abuse. We are required to report these to the appropriate authorities.

If a patient is threatening serious bodily harm to another person, the police will be notified and confidentiality does not apply. If a patient intends on harming themselves, we first make every effort to work together and ensure safety, but if cooperation is not achieved and the patient is in grave danger, the proper authorities will be notified and confidentiality will not apply.

All visits are initially done via telemedicine using a HIPAA compliant video system with chat capability. We highly suggest that you find a comfortable and private location in your home (or office) in advance of the visit. Dr. Hovav cannot see you if you are in a moving vehicle. If you are outside your home or office, your location needs to be disclosed for your safety. There are reasons why sometimes it is necessary to meet in person. In those cases, Dr. Hovav can see you in person in California, Nevada, and Nebraska. 

We accept many types of insurance and will submit claims on your behalf. Your responsibility would depend on your plan and if you have a deductible, a copay, or a coinsurance. If you prefer not to use insurance (there are many reasons for this), the first session is $425. Follow up visits are $225-$275 depending on the time spent. Please check our Financial Agreement posted on this site for more information.

Patients must be physically in the state of Iowa, Nebraska, Kansas, Nevada, or California for Dr. Hovav to be able to take you on as a patient.

Failure to cancel within 1 business day is assessed a fee. The fee ranges from $150-$300 depending on the length of the visit scheduled. Exceptions for medical emergencies (not urgencies or otherwise) can be considered. The fee must be paid before we can reschedule another visit.

The fastest and easiest way would be to fill out a referral form (the word referral form should be linked to the referral form submission page) online. Our website is SSL-secured and all forms are fully HIPAA compliant. If you prefer to call us (844-547-7924) or send a referral by fax (818-797-1780), that will work just as well.

Yes, we have both early morning and evening appointments available if you cannot make it during another time of the day, however this depends on the time zone.

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